Clean and Simple G35

Most G35’s you see now are slammed to the max and flushed but when it comes down to it everybody just wants a clean car that can catch the eye of someone anywhere they go and that is exactly what Tripp’s G35  does. From the front his k2 front lip compliments his height and his cars appeal at the same time, sitting on tein springs he has the height just at his taste and it gives his stern deep dish wheels a great stance sitting at 20×9 in the front and 20x 10.5 in the rear.  (Photo Credits to Ryan Holbrook)


Tripp’s car does not only have the look but it has the speed right there with it,  with HKS downpipes, Injen full cold air intake, Agency power pulleys, Skunk 2 plenum spacer, his car is great for anything thrown its way, whether its cruising daily or at the track on weekends, you can catch Tripp with 2ND2NO1 and ISO.  This clean and quick G35 is a great addition to anybody’s collection and EliteCrew is glad to feature it and for that we thankyou Tripp. (Photo Credits to Ryan Norris)


One response

  1. Amazing pics…congrats on the feature tripp!

    January 5, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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