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S2k After Many Phases

I ran across this simply clean S2k and I knew it would fit in just perfect on here. Derek Wheeler sure does have good taste when it comes to perfecting a car. But the car didn’t just become what it is. Derek has taken the car through multiple stages to get it where it is. It would be a good stopping point because to me, the car sits perfect in it’s current state. Also to mention, this month marks his three year anniversary with the car.

The full OEM body add-ons really keeps the car simple and too the point. Giving the car it’s impressive stance are Megan track coilovers along with Megan rear adjustable toe arms. The Work Cr-Kai wheels are what make the car in the 17×8 +42/17×9 +38 fitment.

Derek really made a good choice by choosing the Cusco 5pt roll bar for the S2k. The beauty of this car doesn’t just show on the outside. Inside the car is running a Mugen titanium sports exhaust with Invidia 63mm test pipe.  Mase Engineering gets credit for tuning the car on a VAFC2.  Derek says he loves how the car sits now after going through 2 different hardtops, 4 exhausts, 3 intakes, and many other parts. I will have to say, please keep the car as it is, wouldn’t like it any other way. Photo credits to Derek Wheeler himself.



Its been a while since we have gave everybody something to look at, but now its about that time to start of the new year off right again and whats a better way to do that then showing everybody that with a little taste and keeping things simple you can make a 350z  look like williams, sitting just right on d2 sport suspension it gives his work emotion xd9 18×10 +18 wheels a good stance and keeps his car looking clean and ready to hit the photoshoot. no matter where he is…. (photo credits to david whitley)

Street Worthy Teggy

Let’s get one thing straight. Here with EliteCrew we don’t just look for cars with the most aggressive and sickest stance, where the body is immaculate and it’s as if the car is never driven. Catch what i’m sayin’? Now I don’t know much about this car, but I do know it is one sexy ass street teg. I’m loving the simplicity of the car, but yet it’s definitely an eye catcher. Suspension and such is unknown, but the wheels  would be XXR 501’s in a 16×8 +15 size. They seem to fit just perfect for this car. Photo credit goes to Khris H.

Jersey’s Finest IS350

One thing I can say about Matt’s IS350  is that it is very obvious he takes super good care of this car. It looks to be fresh off the showroom floor. It promotes a perfect balance of sport and luxury.

The Vertex Digna kit really accents nicely on the body of this IS350. Matt’s choice of wheels was spot on, as he chose to go with this set of 360 Forged wheels which fit the car nicely. BC coilovers are what gives this ill sensation it’s beautiful stance. An F-Sport exhaust, intake, and sway bars help power this beast through the streets of Jersey. You will also find the IS-F tail lights and JunTW roof spoiler on this 350. We would also like to give props to Matt for taking the badass photos. Well done.

All Win Bimmer

Win Win Win!! This classy BMW sets the bar for others.

You will find this BMW on a set of CCW Classics in 18×9.5 +25 & 18×11 +22 offsets. These wheels aren’t just another set of CCW’s though. They are equipped with a unique set of neo chrome hardware that really sets them off.

Major props to Faiz Rahman for the sick pictures!

Cajun S2K

This is one of those cars where you can stare at for hours at a time and never get tired of looking at it. This S2000 is about the cleanest you will find. It goes to show a clean body with a nice drop and a balla’ set of wheels can really make a car. The car comes out of the dirty south down in Baton Rouge. It is currently running 18×9.5 (+22, +15) CCW LM20’s along with Tein Flex coilovers. Other accessories are a OEM hardtop. Car is hellafresh and EliteCrew approved.

An Accord like whoaa

I love diversity within cars, and being that a Honda Accord was my first car, it gives me reason to really appreciate one done right. I love the simplicity and dopeness of this Accord. It’s sitting on Tein SS coilovers and Volk LE28n 18×9.5 +43 wheels which look damn perfect on the car. Other mods are a Fujita intake and Progress rear sway bar. Freshness is below. Pictures are by Clifford Sutrisno.